Everyone has a plan… until they get punched in the face.”

-Mike Tyson


With an ever-growing list of partners, and an increasing geographical scope, we have been exploring video interviews for quite a while now. This typically meant offering it as an option for people who live in too-remote a location to attend an in-person interview, and the occasional other need. But as of March, 2020, video interviews are the new normal.

The biggest challenge isn’t the technology or infrastructure, it’s that Australians by nature enjoy an in-person conversation, usually paired with a hearty handshake. Anything else would be considered strange, and so the idea of a video interview hasn’t always been received well. But when decisions are made for us, beyond our control, we all must adapt.

We’ve been thrilled with the response to video meetings so far, with 100% attendance and, more importantly, a really enthusiastic embrace by our candidates and partners. It’s far more convenient, efficient, and obviously effective given the state of social distancing. The only challenge we’ve faced has been which software to use!

So, as we continue to deliver for our partners and candidates, please be prepared for a video meeting. Full instructions will be provided with each appointment, and it can be as simple as logging into your laptop or opening an app on your phone.